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Article from H&E - Naked in the Attic!

On the 22nd January 2007 BBC 1’s Cash in the Attic programme featured a couple who were trying to raise money to help them in their quest to open a new naturist B&B in Portugal. Jane Kendrick and Stewart Hay were filmed at work in their bar, at the auction and at the Naturist Foundation in Orpington, being shown around and gathering ideas for their venture.  Here, Jane speaks to H&E naturist about the experience.

‘When Cash in the Attic’ came to film we had no idea just what hard work it was going to be! The day we ‘found’ the ‘treasures’ the crew arrived at 8.00 am and left at 7.00 pm!  It was a long, hard day, but very enjoyable.  I realised that I would have loved to have been a television presenter but had left it a little too late to start!  I didn’t mind how many times we had to film the same scene (different camera angles etc) I didn’t get bored or fed up!

The day we filmed the auction(having stayed in a in a nice hotel in Lewes at the expense of Leopard Films, which makes the programme for Cash in the Attic ) we arrived at 9.45 am and finished at 4.30 pm. That was also great fun, although a little emotional as I watched some of the ‘family heirlooms’ go under the hammer and had to say goodbye to them all.

The last day of filming was at the Naturist Foundation in Orpington.  It was a lovely warm day – fortunately, as we filmed naked from 12.30 pm until about 4pm. There were five of us involved in the filming that day: a young camera man, a work experience boy of about 18, Stewart, Steve (who was showing us around) and me. I actually felt a little embarrassed being naked (the only time ever!) because of my companions – I felt very outnumbered.   I drew the line at being flimed playing miniten with everything wobbling around! I just didn;t fancy my poor children seeing their Mum wobbling about on daytime TV. Especially on the BBC. We next spent about an hour and a half filming in a nearby travel agents where they gave us information about naturism in Portugal.  #this was a bit of a set-up as we knew more than they did, but it was all in the cause of ‘art’!

I managed to raise the money jonty the expert had predicted but was a little shocked at how much went in commission, VAT etc – nearly a quarter

We are hoping to open our B&B near Albufeira in May of this year.  Watch this space for further details.  Portugal is up and coming in the naturist world and makes a nice change from Spain.  The climate is very good and the property we are buying is ideal for the naturist way of living, being nicely secluded but very close to the busy costal town of albefeira and naturist beaches.

When we move over to Portugal in early 2007 we are also intending to promote the country as a place for naturists to buy holiday and retirement homes.  We fell in love with it when we drove over the border last year and want to share our discovery with fellow naturists.